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o oa a cacae aeoy ayy, oce eo cpeae aceoo eaoa, oop xopoo ae, a pyo ec cpoe. eaoe ap ayay aece pooo, oaae oe coca. pa x o ox eye, a ocaaec poe oapo a epcooe epeo. epe ecoo e ae epc pacae o acx paepo. ey pea coo a o epee ooe cocoe opa eca copa py. ea o oo, a epo oaaec yp epca. a a aoc c pa aceo, oope cope caoc eo y pe. a o o, a ay ec y eye, oe py oa eca cea -op ece c epco epeo. a aoo epo aac oe pe.

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25 2014 20:18

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This is an arcilte that makes you think "never thought of that!"
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